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About C4 – Chester Consortium for Creative Community

Who we are………

We are the Chester Consortium for Creative Community, C4, a not- for-profit corporation based in Chester, Pennsylvania and dedicated to the application of creativity in solving problems. Affiliated with the Creative Education Foundation, and www.cpsiconference.org. We are all trained in a creative problem solving model developed by 2 pioneers in creativity, Alex Osborn and Sid Parnes. Additionally, some of us are experienced in other creative problem solving models; however, all of us are totally committed to the belief that all persons are naturally creative and that all persons can intentionally live creatively in all that they do. We further believe that all persons have a purpose for their lives and that living in one’s creativity opens a door to maximizing that purpose. To the degree that this is true for individuals , it is true for organizations.


Using creative strategies, the consortium works to maximize the effectiveness of individuals and organizations.

After much discussion , C4 has organized dividing its work in to 2 arenas:



A. projects that are the passions of OUR membership and

B. projects where we facilitate OTHERS in the fruition of their pursuits.

In both arenas, we join with others who are either “friends” of C4 assisting us for a time to help us complete our projects or who are clients of C4 in which case we assist them , individuals or organizations, in realizing their interests. The results we have seen to date for our projects and others’ give testimony that we are on the road to fulfilling our purpose .



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